Weary with Waiting

Our children are counting the days until Christmas, noticing every time the delivery truck drops off another Amazon package and asking questions about the contents of each box. Our answer is always the same: wait. Waiting is synonymous with December.

And waiting is synonymous with the Christian life. Brandi and I find ourselves waiting for answers to many questions as well. Not as much about what will be under the tree but about what our lives will look like in the months and years to come. We want clarity, but we must wait.

It seemed appropriate then to examine what the Scriptures say about waiting. So that’s what I’ve attempted to do here. I begin with a familiar line from Isaiah and give attention its implications.

Pray for us. We know many of you do. Thank you. As you receive this, know that we have prayed for you also.

Author: David Prairie

Husband. Father. International Theological Education for Live Global and ABWE. Doctoral Graduate from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Twitter user: @DavidPrairie

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