Our Family

We are David and Brandi Prairie, and we were married in August 2006. David served a youth pastor for ten years, and has a doctorate in Biblical Theology from Southern Seminary in Louisville. Brandi is an LPN, and works as a pediatric nurse. We have four children: Judah, Asher, Eva, and Tori.

Our Mission

We serve on ABWE’s Live Global team, primarily focusing on the area of international Theological Education. David helps with pastoral training and ministry mentoring for students and church leaders through connections with our national partners in multiple countries in Europe and Asia.

Our Team

Click here to learn more about ABWE. Click here to learn more about Live Global.

Our Sending Church

Click here to learn more about Grace Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN.

Our Area

Click here to learn more about the location of our ministry.

Our Needs

Our desire is to be fully funded through the generosity of financial partners. We are always on the lookout for like-minded churches and individuals with whom we can share our ministry. If this might include you, please click here to get started.Prairie Family Winter 2020

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