September 16, 2022 Update

Happy Friday to each of you. I hope to give you a brief update of our work so that you can continue to pray for us in an informed way. Here’s what I have been up to:

-Making additional contacts for support: Most of you are aware that we are still not 100% fully supported in this work. I have ramped up my efforts to make contacts with churches and individuals who might be willing and able to come alongside us. Please pray for fruitful connections. If you know of a contact we should make, please pass it along to us, or give our info to them!

-Creating resources for teaching: I have been doing a lot of writing, working to produce articles, studies, lesson plans/outlines, and more for our partners to use in their ministry contexts. Please pray that I will produce good and helpful material and for it to be useful for others.

-Preparing for new mentoring and teaching assignments: I have been asked to participate in a missionary training program with one of our partners in eastern Europe. This program was started by brother Raul to help equip his fellow countrymen for missions and church planting work. He has asked me to mentor some of the students and to teach a module for this year’s enrollees. Click here to learn more about how you can pray for and give towards this work.

-Planning a potential teaching trip for Spring 2023: One of our partner schools in south Asia (for whom I have taught some courses online) has returned to entirely on-campus learning. They have invited me to come teach a module next spring. Please pray for wisdom in thinking through the timing and cost of such a trip.

-Coaching football for our Academy’s middle school team: I love sports, and it continues to be a great opportunity for me to disciple young men, including my son, Asher, who is on the team.

-Resuming meetings after some summer rest: Like those of us in the west, many of our international brothers and sisters break up the routine for summer time. Now we are ready to pick back up with regular Bible studies and planning sessions. Pray that I will be a helpful guide.

-Husbanding, fathering, and trying to keep up: Of course, much of life is not glamorous. A great deal of time is spent getting everyone to and from school, participating in the life of our local church, and living together as a family. Brandi continues to excel in her work as a nurse. Our children are working hard with various tasks. Please do pray for Judah (14), who suffered a rather serious wrist injury at a recent football practice.

There’s likely more that I could say that isn’t coming to mind right now. But please know that we are grateful for those of you who pray for us regularly, give generously, and read these lengthy updates.


Author: David Prairie

Husband. Father. International Theological Education for Live Global and ABWE. Doctoral Graduate from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Twitter user: @DavidPrairie

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