Prairie Quests – November 17, 2021

In a likely feeble attempt at creativity, I’m retitling these updates “Prairie Quests” for two reasons.

First, we view our work as a “quest,” a series of adventures. Merriam-Webster defines a quest as a “search” or “a long and difficult effort to find or do something.” Our efforts are to serve the Lord and our national partners through the opportunities he gives.

Second, it is a play on words with “prayer requests,” and we want to express our thanks to you for your continued prayers and to make you aware of more ways that you can pray for us.

Here’s the latest:

  • I continue to teach Hermeneutics three nights a week through a partner school in south Asia. In addition to the class meetings, lectures, and discussions, I have been able to have conversations with students outside of class as we discuss what the Bible has to say about specific issues facing their churches. This class continues through the first week of December.
  • My weekly meetings with Pastor Alexe in Romania have been a surprising encouragement. Two other men from his church (one member and one unbelieving but interested attender) join us for these discussions on biblical manhood. Please pray for “Constantine” that he will repent and trust Christ as Savior and Lord. You can read more about Alexe’s ministry, and you can donate to some specific ministry needs that he has. He is looking to raise $2,000 to supply firewood for 15 families and food and medicine for 25 families during the winter months. Your generosity can help.
  • One of our teammates (Ed) invited me to participate in an online prayer meeting with a congregation in south Asia as they heard from a pastor in east Asia and prayed for his ministry. It was enriching to hear one local church (who is facing some obstacles) pray for another church family (whose challenges are even greater). Please pray for these churches.
  • A new assignment I was given recently was to conduct two different doctrinal interviews for new teammates who are joining Live Global. We praise the Lord for the growth of our team.
  • Two teammates and I have launched a new Theological Training team and are meeting regularly to implement some strategies for how we connect teaching and training needs with those who can meet them. Pray for wisdom as we have these discussions.
  • I was able to collaborate with our Moldovan partner (Mihai) on a video interview about the importance of the Bible in the lives of believers around the world. Pray for students who watch the video to be convinced of their constant need for the Scriptures.
  • We are still seeking connections for new financial supporters. Because of some upcoming changes to our account, we are in need of about $500/month in new support before January 1. We are in conversations with some out-of-state churches and I am hoping to meet with a new contact soon. Please pray that the Lord will continue to show his faithfulness as he has at every step so far. You can click here to give, and any suggested contacts you can send me would be greatly appreciated.
  • Finally, many have asked about when we might travel again. There are two potential obstacles: finances (see above) and pandemic restrictions. However, we are currently working on an itinerary for a trip to visit several partners in eastern Europe, probably in February or March 2022. There are other trips we hope to take as well, but this first one will be key. Please pray that we can make it happen.

We are grateful for you and we hope you are encouraged by all that God is doing in our midst. Let us know how we can pray for you as well.

-David (and Brandi, Judah, Asher, Eva, and Tori) Prairie

Author: David Prairie

Husband. Father. International Theological Education for Live Global and ABWE. Doctoral Graduate from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Twitter user: @DavidPrairie

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