A Mid-March Update

By David Prairie

At the beginning of the month, we asked you to pray with us about seeing our support level increase to 50% by the end of the NCAA “March Madness” Tournament, which actually ends April 8 (see the post here). Now that we are nearly half way through the month, I thought I would share the progress we have seen so far.

As of now, we have seen an increase in $218/month in support. Our goal for this time frame is $1,200, so we are still praying for an additional $982 in monthly commitments between now and April 8. But we are extremely encouraged by the $218 that has been pledged. Praise the Lord!

We have also learned recently that you can make a pledge without actually giving immediately, and the pledge still counts toward our current support level. So let’s say that you want to support our mission but can’t actually begin giving until September. If you will go ahead and visit the support page, you can set up your commitment to begin in September, but our support level will increase now! That could still help us to reach our goals for this month.

Pray about a few upcoming opportunities to share our work with others:

-There is the possibility of a meeting with several pastors in Virginia next Tuesday, March 19. Pray for that meeting to happen and for a fruitful presentation and time with those brothers.

-We will be sharing in the morning service at a church just north of Chattanooga on Sunday, May 5. Pray again for others to catch the vision of what God is doing in Eastern Europe and our role there.

-We have contacted several churches via e-mail over the past couple of weeks, and have applied for support at one. Pray for more meetings with churches who can partner with us.

Pray also for continued meetings with individuals and families, that God would help us to make quick connections with those he has already ordained to give.

Thanks to you all who read these updates and pray for us regularly. We are humbled that you would intercede for us before the Lord, and we ask you to keep it up. John Piper has said, “Sometimes, the prayer you prayed 999 times is answered in attempt 1,000. Don’t give up.”

As always, if you can help us make connections with others with whom we could share our story, we would be extremely grateful.

Author: David Prairie

Husband. Father. International Theological Education for Live Global and ABWE. Doctoral Graduate from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Twitter user: @DavidPrairie

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